Youth Jazz Program arranger & conductor Don Gerundo

SGM Manny Bobenrieth with Lou Coppola

Mark Nejako and his teacher Frank Busso Jr entertain in the bar

Mary Tokarski conducts the Youth Orchestra

Potomac Ensemble with guest bass accordionist John Simkus

SGM Manny Bobenrieth (accordion) leads the US Army Strolling Strings.

Siblings, Mike and Amanda Parziale perform at Italian Night Cabaret

Stas Venglevski conducts the 2012 Festival Orchestra

Stas Venglevski perparing to perform with Mary Tokarski

Tatiana Semichnastnaya & Steve Albini perform during cocktail hour.

The US Army Strolling Strings

Three generations of Bussos, left to right, grandpa Frank, Nicholas and his father Frank.

Vladimir Mollov performing with Emily Geller on tupan

Youth table at the banquet, l to r, Vince Demor (North Carolina), Liam Collins (Arizona), Rocio Ford (Virginia), Lisa Breccia (Italy)

Joe Zale serenades Lynn Ewing (left) and AAA Historian and Board member Joan Grauman at the luncheon concert

2012 Virtuoso champion, Albert Manginelli

AAA Secretary, Maureen Kendrick & AAA President, Linda Soley Reed

Alamo Angels Orchestra

Annie Mollova and Vladimir Mollov perform at luncheon concert

Bassist, Derek Wiegmann, saxophonist, Jacob Smith and trumpeter, Kevin Callahan preparing for first Youth Jazz rehearsal

Cody McSherry

Competition winners presentation, left to right, Chris Gorton, brothers Quinn and Liam Collins, AAA President, Linda Soley Reed

Connecticut Accordion Orchestra applauds guest vocalist,Steve Albini.

Don Gerundo conducts the Youth Jazz Ensemble

Dr. Marion Jacobson presents her book, "Squeeze This"

Dr. Robert McMahan with percussionist, William Trigg and saxophonist, Donovan Spence

Frank Busso, Jr. conducting the Busso Music School Orchestra

Gabe Hall-Rodrigues with bassist, Derek Wiegmann.

Guest artist & Festival orchestra conductor, Stas Venglevski with Director of the Alamo Angels Orchestra, Mary Kathryn Archuletta.

Gypsy jazz accordionist, Dallas Vietty with guitarist, Ben Wood.

Soprano Joy Bechtler, Tenor Joe McKesson, and accordionist Dr. Robert Young McMahan entertain at the Italian Night Cabaret

Thank you to AAA Historian and Board member Joan Grauman and to Lou Coppola for taking the photos.

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