2011 AAA Festival:
A Fun, Fantastic and Fabulous Time for All

The very successful 2011 AAA Festival held in Charleston, South Carolina, July 13-17, attracted people from all over the USA and Canada. Joan Cochran Sommers was presented with the AAA Lifetime Achievement Award during the Saturday evening Banquet. The Festival Orchestra, under Joan's skilled direction, gave an amazing performance. Over sixty accordionists participated and thrilled the audience with selections including: " The Sound of Music", "Welcome to Venice", "Music of the Night", and "Phantom of the Opera".

2011 AAA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Joan Cochran Sommers and AAA President Linda Soley Reed

Luncheon Performer Donna Dee Ray and husband

Amy Jo Sawyer, Rita Davidson, Dr. Robert Young McMahan

Eddie Monteiro and 2011 Youth Jazz Ensemble

Kren Malan-Uribe, JoAnn Pankow, Joan Grauman, Yimeng Huang

Alicia Baker with Ocotrillo members Gabe Hall-Rodriguez, Sean Brogan, and Wes Anderson

Director Eddie Monteiro and the 2011 AAA Youth Jazz Ensemble

AAA President Linda Soley Reed, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Joan Cochran Sommers, AAA Contest Chairperson Mary Tokarski

The Bussos Play Italian Music in the Restaurant

Master of Ceremonies Ray Oreggia and Jazz Accordionist Frank Petrilli

The Martin Accordion Orchestra from California


Joe and Joann Natoli

Applause for Joan Cochran Sommers

Ryan Segall and her teacher, Joe Zalewsky Play at the Press and Squeeze Party

Roland Representative Steve Albini, Ray Oreggia, Alicia Bake

Gabe Hall-Rodriguez (2010 AAA USA Virtuoso Champion) and 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Joan Cochran Sommers

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